Do you make home visits for training sessions?
Yes, if you live in North London I can train you in your own home which saves you travelling time and only a small amount of space is needed. Alternatively you can train in your garden, local park, or a small studio is available in Golders Green.

I don’t live in North London, can I still train with you?
I mainly work around North London but please contact me with your address details to see if anything is possible. I also have a small studio in Golders Green.

Will you help me plan my fitness and nutrition for my time outside of personal training?
Yes, it is important to plan ahead when making changes to your diet and fitness programme,  so in the initial consultation your diet will be looked at, possible changes made and planned for, then each week before the start of the session you will report on your food and exercise for the week.

How will it work if I’d like to train with a friend?
You can share your Personal Training session with a friend which means the cost is shared.

If you have any other questions which haven’t been answered here, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – contact me today.